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Unlock the secret to train ticket purchases


Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko needed to boost interest in train travel. At the same time, they expected our solution to assist in positively building their own brand.

Services we provided

Support for Sales 

We have ensured an increase in ticket sales for the largest provider of personal railway transportation in Slovakia. This was achieved in both the customer acquisition and monetization phases. Sales progressed effectively, mainly because we understood the purchasing journey of each customer and identified their motivation to buy. 

CDXP Implementation 

The implemented CDX platform Bloomreach served us well in conducting a detailed analysis of customer journeys. Thanks to it, we can optimize communication and offers for individual segments. The goal is clear: to use AI to recommend the right product at the right time to the right group or individual customer.

Personalized Communication 

The CDX platform allows us to assign relevant content and communication channels to segments. Solutions such as personalized offers in email marketing, PPC formats, or dynamic formats on the website have proven effective for ZSSK's clients. 



Brand Campaign Management

A key message of the campaign and improving the brands image is centered around the economical and environmental benifits of traveling by train, coupled with enhancing employer branding to position ZSSK a reliable employer and provider of dual education.


Customer Acquisition

To boost demand for both daily and seasonal travel, we have developed a bespoke content portal called “Vlakom na výlet.” By identifying the destination station, we can understand the motivation behind ticket purchases . Through personalized filtering, we also have an excellent opportunity to meet customer demand.

Preview of the portal Vlakom na vylet with connection selection and tips for interesting placesmock-up containing several sections from the Vlakom na vylet portal


CDX Platform Bloomreach

By implementing a customer data and experience platform, we have created an environment for managing customer journeys. Through data collection and with the support of AI, we can analyze customers to make informed marketing decisions and manage campaigns based on their behavior. 

web push notification inviting to download the IDeme vlakom application


Monetization of Existing Customers

We improved monetization of existing customers through tailored recommendations for preferred or cost-effective products. To achieve this we utilized direct and dynamic web communication channels as well as PPC campaigns. During the monetization phase, our loyalty program proved successful, as it not only offered benefits to loyal customers but also contributed to increased product sales.


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