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How we tripled the number of leads within half a year


Get more people who are really interested in private leasing. And at the same time, make it easier for our sales team. This request comes from a client at Arval.

Services we provided

Acquisition of New Leads

For our partner Arval, we successfully expanded their network of qualified leads. A multi-point strategy of content segmentation and targeting by decision-making roles, identifying potential customers, and lead nurturing. This strategy allowed us to generate hot contacts, driving prospective opportunities for further business activities for the client.


Through communication automation, we significantly increasing the client's business opportunities by delivereing user tailored real-time personalized offers to website visitors. And results? Contacts ready to book leasing.

Lead Score Modeling

To facilitate the work of the sales department, we prioritized each contact, determining their likelihood to sign a contract. This helped the client understand the business potential of individual leads and how to succeed with their offers. 



Acquisition of sales qualified leads across various platforms

Web forms

Social media lead generation campaigns

Dynamic on-site formats


Prioritizing each contact and determining their likelihood to book

Selection of customers with high business potential


Event-driven real-time communication that responds to customer demand

Leaving banner with contact form on Arval website


Delivering high-quality contacts with high business potential

Information about the potential customer and his preferences for operational leasing


The increase in the open rate was three times higher than the benchmark

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