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Clean up business and marketing? Rely on the CRM system


At the beginning of our collaboration, HB Reavis approached us with a clear request: to generate more qualified leads with business potential. In other words, individuals interested in office and retail spaces within their buildings.

Services we provided

Needs Analysis 

Analysing the existing marketing and business activities of real estate client HB Reavis allowed us to identify their unique market needs and determine key growth opportunities centered around their business objectives, specifically increasing interest in renting spaces and strengthening the performance of the sales department.

CRM Implementation 

To achieve the expected results, we decided to implement the Hubspot system throughout the entire corporate structure. This provided the client with a better overview of projects and business opportunities. A complementary effect of our approach was the successful integration of the marketing and sales departments. 

Qualified Lead Generation 

The deployment of Hubspot also extended to the website,, which serves as an aggregator of commercial spaces. Through the combination of the CRM system and the right UX solution, we created an opportunity to acquire information-enriched leads with a genuine interest in renting. 



Identification of Steps to Achieve KPIs

Based on the analysis of marketing and business activities, we have determined the steps to achieve the established business goals.

Additionally, we have successfully streamlined the collaboration between marketing and sales.


CRM Implementation

By implementing the CRM system, we have provided the client with several solutions, including a better overview of projects, increased efficiency of business processes, and business opportunity reporting.

calendar, activities, profile and other sections in the Hubspot CRM system


Launch of Website with Proven Technology

CRM Hubspot has also proven its worth on the website, which serves as an aggregator of retail, office, and event spaces.

map of the premises, filtering or details of the offer on the website


Monetization of Existing Customers

Through lead nurturing, we transformed marketing leads into commercially qualified ones. As a result, the client obtained information-enriched contacts ready for space tours.

selection of office premises from the HB Reavis offer and their display on the map


Appropriate Incentive for Lead Capture

We supported organic contact acquisition with a lead generation campaign. Within this campaign, we identified practical space-related content as an incentive for capturing contacts.

selection of office premises from the HB Reavis offer and their display on the map

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