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How to use online communication to attract as many people as possible to the newly opened shopping center? This was a question we pondered together with our client,
HB Reavis, before launching this project.

Customer Engagement Support 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we assisted our client HB Reavis with reaching out to new customers for the Nivy shopping center. To achieve our set goal, we chose the Ahoj Nivy! application as the primary tool, which transforms users into potential customers. 

Acquisition of New Users 

The first step toward success was setting up an acquisition campaign to encourage app downloads. To increase the number of downloads, we utilized custom audiences. All selected channels responded to customer interactions, allowing us to determine the most efficient path to conversion. 

Personalized Communication 

Within the application, we motivated users with individual customer experiences. We created these experiences based on information gathered from online and offline behavior, as well as preferences in the loyalty program. Through this, we gained insights into the user's motivations for visiting the shopping center. 
mobile push notification in the Ahoj Nivy application with information about the second-hand event



User Acquisition 

Audiences that did not go through the standard download process were included in so-called custom audiences. Through dynamic content and lead nurturing on the website, we effectively directed users towards downloading the application.


Effective In-App Onboarding

To convert users into customers, we focused on onboarding after download. During this phase, users get to know the benefits of the loyalty program, the app’s functionalities, and also enable location tracking. This information is highly valuable for the client as it allows them to know when a customer is in the center.

mobile push notification in the Ahoy Nivy application with a request to fill in the profile


Increasing the Number of Center Visitors 

To achieve our primary goal, we relied heavily on the functionality of the application built on loyalty program principles. The results speak to the effectiveness of this approach. The application has over 68,000 downloads already and a third of them open it monthly.


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