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You don't own a car until you have a Mercedes.

Services we provided


Our skills and experiences help one of most significant car sellers to grow continuously. We did amazing things:
  • overal website performance
    increase by 16%
  • 35% more visitors not leaving
    the website
  • 30% more leads from
    dynamic banners


Implementation and setup of sophisticated automation tools helped us to prevent the visitors leaving the website so they stay on the website 3-times longer then before.

Lead generation

Our campaign increased the amount of leads by 65 % compared to previous time period.




Listening as well understanding your story help us to define growth potential and avoide risks

Solution for motor car


New setup
for campaigns based on
analyzed data

Solution for ticket portal


Lead generation and recommendation

Find potential new customers and take care of loyal ones.

Increase of conversions
and marketing ROI


of all collected leads had interaction with our automated communication

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