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On the way to a good wine

Services we provided

Corporate identity

Based on the history and tradition we have created brand new design and identity for Viajur winery. From the naming to the bottom of each bottle of wine, we did it all with love and passion. Like we do while drinking good wine.


Clean design, smooth functions and lovely experience. It's the homepage that makes the difference.
  • Webdesign
  • User experience
  • Wireframes and structure


Launching the whole brand into Slovak market.
  • Online PPC & social
  • Printed OOH media
  • Online PPC & social

Corporate identity

Creating the Brand identity and naming of a winery from Svätý Jur, based in a rebuild Pálffy mansion.
Challenged by the connection of modern elements and historical events we have created brand new identity.

What we did?

Here are some samples:




Logo is the law. The land, the road and the tree. One unique sign, the symbol that tells the story.
Viajur is where the road begins.

Corporate identity



Magnificent 3D mapping right on the building of Hotel Lomnica for its opening ceremony.


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