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Let the bottle tell you a story.


Deep data analysis points at newly discovered potential. Listen first, do afterwards. Creating segments and customer groups, and later executing predictive models have shown very precise profile of customers.


Highly sophisticated SEO analytics and execution is a must-have, not even for e-commerce solutions. We are providing a very detailed service that helps to grow and grows with MABO online store.


Listening to the story and vision of the founder personally, we have created brand new design and identity for Mabo. The bottle is the key, but the inspiration was hidden inside.

Start from scratch

When talking about design, we mostly end up by the final product. What is the story we would like to spread? What is the symbol we would like to show? What deep data analytics shows us? So we have found the silhouette of a bottle.

Using the shapes and outlines, connecting it to the font and signs, we have designed a fully compact and lovely logotype. The sign of a bottle hidden in the brand, we all love to explore.



From wireframe
to eshop

Wireframe is a puristic layout of a web page that demonstrates the structure and the logical site of a website. Based on data analyses, we have uncovered many information sources and started to create a tailored solution. It is a critical part of the interaction design process. When finished, the colorful part begins. Mabo e-shop should not only work well, but look great too. So we did the clean and functional design to improve both.


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