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Keep to serve Your customers in pandemic period

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Veolia challenges us with the task to create the most user-friendly way of communication for users.


We have created an amazing Chatbot. It's a girl and we call her Viola. She knows all the answers to customer's questions and she can deal with them immediately.


Chatbot Viola relieves a load of the call center of 828 people a month, whom it helps online and contactless solve their problem.

Wait for an aviable operator he will assist you as soon as possible.

This message the Veolia customers will no longer have to listen to.

Smart new assistant Viola knows the answers to customers questions and she is able to deal with them immediately. Viola is a communication robot – chatbot and it is one of the technological innovations that move communication with customers to a higher level at Veolia company.

“We are constantly striving to bring innovations that increase not only our basic services level but also the way we communicate them with our customers,”
says Tomáš Filípek, the senior manager of digitalization in charge of this project.

“Our innovations in digitalization area enable Veolia customers to solve many requirements from the comfort of their own homes.”

Viola knows the answers

Chatbots are the easiest and the most
user-friendly way of communication for users nowadays.

The sympathetic Viola is able to respond to reports of failures, inform about current outages or accidents and guide the complainant through the complaint process. Chatbot evaluates the communication automatically.

If there is a situation when some questions are repeated and the robotic assistant does not know the answer yet, it will send the notification to the company’s representatives in the real time and they can include them in the prepared topics. So that the customer to not have to be satisfied with a universal answer in such case, Viola will automatically contact a human administrator who can join to communicaton directly.

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