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Real friendship lasts forever.

Corporate Identity

The task was to show the strength of friendship between two countries using the right corporate identity concept. So the Friendship tower was born. It is one of the new monuments of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Graphic Design

We have designed it all. Beginning with name and logo, followed by the entire brand identity and finished by a glass projection straight on the building walls.


The website of Friendship tower should be the main contact point for all the tenants. So we build it clear and easy to use. Custom CRM for flexible work helps to keep the page up to date.

Corporate identity

The mission is to show the power of never ending friendship between Slovakia and Vietnam. The connection of two countries, that will stand proudly in the heart of the city so that everyone can see it.

What we did?

Corporate Identity

Logo Design

Online & Offline Communication

Here are some of the samples:



Long way from scratch to a brand

The process of logo creation is the best way to show you how long the journey to the final logo was.

The design was created for a corporate building located in Vietnam, that was the starting point. When choosing the color we had on mind the philosophy of colors of Eastern culture. The shades of gold and yellow are the most prominent and used colors in Vietnam. Meaningfully, these colors are associated with wealth, happiness and change.

Print materials


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