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Let's build us a house! Entirely out of digital.

Online strategy & creative concept

Floriánka is an extraordinary architectural project offering new designed living in a
 hi-quality houses close to the nature and not far away from the city of Bratislava. We have created the strategy and campaign to tell the whole story.

Video production

A picture paints a thousand words. We have produced a video, that was viewed by nearly 500.000 users.

Data management

Knowing the most about your customer needs is the key. Using the smart lead-generation tactics helped us to increase the amount of potential customers up to 200%.

Video Production

Online strategy
& creative concept

Data management

Deep data analysis helped us to run campaigns more precisely and reach more than 200% growth in lead generation. How relevant those leads are is not a question as over 30% of the houses were sold in advance.
Data management

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