What is it?

Innovations are the essence of the business growth. They help to improve analytical insight and increase the efficiency of your marketing communication and result in positive customer experience. Innovations are also the link between customer analytics and marketing automation.

Artificial Intelligence


New Data Sources

Text Analytics

Real time

Marketing Trends

The 3 Pillars
Of Innovations

1. Chatbot

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (robot). Bot is able to communicate like human during live chat. Chatbot is not only a great non-stop service channel, it is increasingly being used because of its ability to collect and analyze data as a way to generate leads and a campaign communication channel. It can be integrated within an application on a website or in Facebook Messenger.

2. Speech2text

Speech to Text is a technology which allows Slovak spoken word (e.g. call center recordings) transcription into text. Call transcription provides objective and complete customer feedback. Keywords spotting, uncovering customer preferences’ hidden patterns are the standard transcription analysis outcome examples. Insight from transcription helps identify sales opportunities or decrease customer churn

3. IoT and 360°

Smart sensors located in store or sensors inside (smart) buildings are the basic elements of the hot topic known as „Internet of Things“ (IoT). Obtained insight from the sensor data makes up 360-degree view of the customer behavior. For example, a customer gets a personalized push notification offer in real-time when he is walking in store. Offer is a result of customer preferences. It’s a combination of an actual in-store visit and „Next best offer“ that is calculating based on his browsing history within store’s domain and previous in-store purchases.