SEO In 2018: What Will Rank on Google

Find out what Rand Fishkin, worldwide famous SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wizard and founder of Moz, predicts will rank higher on Google in 2018. 

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has long been a hot topic for marketers around the globe. Afterall, it helps Google index your page organically by giving it credibility, a factor that can also impact paid search campaigns. 

At the Web Summit 2017  - which took place in Portugal last week -, our team attended a talk with Rand Fishkin, worldwide famous SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wizard and founder of Moz

Here are Rand's tips on what you should do to rank higher on Google in 2018:

1. Solve the searcher's queries better than anyone else on page 1

If you want to rank higher, focus on content that matters and answers your searcher's query. For instance, when your goal is to be searchable for "marketing automation," make sure your website has a complete answer to what marketing automation is and how to conquer it, so the user doesn't have to look for more information in another page. 

To Google, whenever the user searches a term, visits a website, and do not search for it again, the engine considers your content high quality and will increase your page rank automatically.

On the other hand, if the searcher goes back to Google after visiting your website and proceed to do the same search, your content will be considered incomplete or irrelevant, and, consequently, rank lower.

2. Talk to searchers the way they search

Keyword research will continue to be a key element in 2018. When doing SEO or running a paid search campaign, make sure you use popular terms to your audience. 

This means, if you are an airline looking to boost your search results, do not bet in "low fare tickets" keyword, as most of us would search for "cheap flights."

3. Load fast and have a responsive website

Loading time and mobile responsiveness will still play an important role in SEO. Hence, check your site loading time, optimize it, and focus on mobile.

4. Do not forget domain quality

Keep your domains consistent to help Google index your page. For instance, if you have a blog, simply use, rather than

5. Bet on Google images and keep an eye on Facebook Search

Google is the most popular search engine in the word. As mentioned above, keywords play a vital role in the search results. However, what many do not realise is the fact that images have a substantial weight in the search results and have grown in relevance in the last years. 

Therefore, take advantage of image indexing by using relevant keywords when saving the picture, adding alternative meta description and making sure the image "name" describes the image itself.

Besides Google Images, the Facebook search has been on the rise and deserves a special attention in 2018. More and more members of the social network are using the tool to find news, articles and posts related to specific keywords. To be successful here, keep in mind the same SEO principles as in any search engine and see your posts and page reaching a higher number of users in the next year.

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Josiane Lang

Josiane Lang

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