Marketing 2018: What The Specialists Have To Say

DataConcept is at the WebSummit, in Lisbon, Portugal, and we took the chance to listen to what great names of the industry have to say about the state of Marketing in 2018.

The year is coming to an end and specialists from around the globe have started to make their predictions on the biggest Marketing trends for 2018. DataConcept is at the WebSummit, this week taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, and we took the chance to listen to what great names of the industry have to say about the state of Marketing for the next year. 

Here is what we have learnt:

1.    Creativity will play a key role in advertising

If in the last few years companies have prioritized budgets and quantity over creativity, in 2018 this scenario will begin to change. To avoid losing effectiveness and money, brands will have to look at creativity as a long-term investment, going back to the fundamentals of Marketing.

John Hegarty, from BBH & Whalar, said: “Advertising is about talking to people, and brands need to realize that often an advert is selling an idea that will not result in a direct sale. But this same advert will bring value to the brand in the long run.”

2.    Social comes first

To Bob Greenberg, from R/GA, in 2018, great advertising campaigns will be created with social media in mind. According to him, social media is at a continuous rise due to the fact it tights tech, entertainment and marketing together, in one environment. „The next generation of creatives will be social first,“ he stated.

3.    Persuasion over promotion

The industry is confused about promotion and persuasion. To persuade consumers, brands will need to believe in their own products and become more valuable and bring emotions to their ads. 

„Unless you understand the basics of persuasion, your brand will not succeed in the future. Brands will have to invest in stories, not in self-promoting ads,“ said Susan Credle from CB Global. 

4.    Messaging apps will begin replacing call centres

More and more conversations between consumers and brands will happen through messaging apps and chatbots in 2018. At least, that is what  Stan Chudnovsky, VP of Products for Facebook Messenger, believes. 

Chatbots and messaging apps are simplifying conversations between businesses and consumers. And it is much easier to text a company than call customer service. Now, when we can combine bots with human, by starting the conversation with a bot and finishing it with a human, we have the match of the future. And that is where we are leading.“

If you want to learn more about the Marketing trends of 2018 follow our blog and stay tunned.

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